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Sharky's Fundraiser Program

  • Design a team t-shirt or customize one of our designs using our online design tool.
  • Sell it to your family, neighbors, and friends!
  • Sell items = $5 profit per item
  • Sell over 100 items, and Sharky’s throws in BONUSES!!!

When you’re in need of raising funds to further the goals of your school, team, or organization, there’s much to consider. Every fundraiser requires the time and attention of a dedicated team and a cost effective product that is worth selling as well as purchasing. Why not sell something affordable that lasts, everyone loves, and leaves a lasting impression?Sharky’s Promotional Products is a company you can trust and who supports your efforts. 

Sharky’s Promotional Products is the solution you’ve been looking for to help make your next fundraiser something truly remarkable. Whether you're raising money for class trips, club activities, new uniforms, school equipment or any other projects, Sharky’s Promotional Products can help. We pride ourselves with high quality t-shirts and reasonable prices. We understand that pricing is a significant factor in your sales efforts.

Sharky’s Promotional Products is a company focused on customer service. To help ensure the success of your fundraiser, we provide you with all the materials needed for a risk-free, opportunity-filled fundraiser. You only pay for what you sell after taking your group’s portion off the top for your organization. Once product orders are received, we individually package every item and then separately package each seller's order so that everything is clearly organized and you are not left to sort anything.

We are constantly striving to exceed our own standards of excellence and feel very confident and proud that our new program for this year will be a huge success. Please call us at 888-895-3974 to speak to one of our fundraising specialists. We appreciate your interest in us and look forward to hearing from you soon!